Motivation, Collaboration, Food, and Fatigue

So let's agree that the last 2+ years have been erratic. My desire to even write music has come and gone (and been shattered completely) like the waves that seek the shoreline. But when it comes I try to take advantage of it. Not just writing music, all my projects. I write stories. Or at least I get lots of ideas for stories. I'm working on a graphic novel, which made me start drawing again ( I think I told you guys this...but hey my mind is shot! drugs are terrible...)
So I'm on prednisone...not sleeping...and trying to be productive in whatever way I can.

Odd thing happened. I like to send messages to music fans on Reverbnation (maybe like...isn't the word) to get some exposure ya know? Well I've sent like 2 thousand so far and don't really get many responses, but I've gotten some people that really enjoy Pissing Graffiti! YAY! It's a great feeling.

So anyway I meet this guy Jean-Baton. He does really cool stuff. Lots of samples and just... initially I was drawn to the images he uses and then the juxtaposition of what you would expect with what you hear....I was sold. Really good music. You can download the albums here - and yes I recommend all 3. They're free if you want just click on the album, then "Télécharger" and in the bottom field just enter your e-mail address.

So i was pretty humbled when he asked to collaborate. I'm definitely not near even my C game, but I thought this would be really interesting to see what happens. So far...he blew me away. I'm excited to keep working with him and see what comes of it.

Prednisone is sure messing with me. But I'm eating. And have become crazy with Kithen Nightmares and Master Chef. The Kitchen Nightmares in US sucks compared to UK. Just my opinion. Any recommendations? I like to look at food and get ideas.....to ask my mom to cook for me =) teehee

Yea, and I'm not sleeping. Every morning at 3 I end up stark awake with a need to poop. ? What? yea. Poop. Doesn't make sense and as I was already having trouble sleeping...this is just absurd. Going on 2 weeks now and really starting to feel it.
This is a lot longer than I wanted it to be, so I'm sorry. :shrug: drop me a line. leave a comment. download my album. BUY my album =) I have another one that I'm working on for my stuff that should be really neat. It's peaceful! :gasp:

by for now.
OH! I;m not done yet. Check this out. Trent Reznor on Spotify!

I think this is profound and hope to find more artists because my last review blasted me for being too much like NIN and using his influences...but I didn't really listen to his influences. So yay. Spotify is cool and all, but look how many plays you need in order to makeminimum wage... SHOCKING! (click to go to article)

And because we all need to laugh!

hit and run


Metal Squeak said...

Wait...you write too?! That's awesome! Me too! Well....kind of. I get ideas, start to write, then get caught up on something else. :) I have about 30 different stories I've started over the years and never finished. Haha.

Jhaysonn said...

it's true! I did at least. I'm looking at the dates for these posts and I'm slightly embarrassed that it's been so long since I've updated. I think at least once a week I tell myself to write up here again but I feel like I'd just write a bunch of complaints..and that's not good.

But yea, I like to write stories. I don't think I'm very good but I too have a huge collection of ideas that I've started writing down. Some more developed than others. I must've gotten at least 10 just from being on pain meds in the hospital ^o^

One day you'll read them, get motivated, and the words will pour out. Hang onto those "starters" and just keep thinking. I know you have to write to be a writer so I'm praying if God wants me to really do it I'll get some sort of mental motivation going one of these days =) It's REALLY good to hear from you!

Metal Squeak said...

Okay, going to combine all responses into one so it's easier. :)

Yep..my name in Halo 2 was Oblivious Decoy, so that should sum my first few experiences nicely. It's cool though, because now I'm better than my hubby and all his buddies. :D

As for the Christianity stuff, I like to live by one rule. There are ten “rules” we are supposed to follow. Not 100, not 1000, and definitely not every word in the entire bible. Ten, and they’re pretty basic. My one exception is people who do horrible things to children. If you’re screwed up enough to molest/abuse/neglect a defenseless child, you deserve to rot in hell for what you did. As for everything else that’s considered bad, I’ll forgive, but that doesn’t mean I personally have to have you in my life. I have cut plenty of people out of my life, and it’s very…I don’t know…cleansing, I guess, to mentally forgive them. I don’t speak to them anymore, and don’t plan to, but I don’t hold that resentment anymore.

I really need to start writing again. I keep trying, but with 2 boys running around like wild animals all day, I can’t concentrate. LOL I don’t think anyone thinks their work is good at first. And you never know! Maybe if you get all the complaints out, it’ll free up the good stuff for later. ;) Also, my mom told me to write what you know..which makes sense in a way. I always tried to write about things I had to do extensive research on to learn what was right and wrong, but it never worked. So I’m trying to think of things I know about…and it’s still not helping, but maybe someday. Who knows? Maybe I'll get some ideas when I'm doped up on the good stuff come March. :P

Okay..gonna stop now..LOL Later!

Jhaysonn said...

I think your mom had it "write" ^0^. Teehee God gives us each a road to walk and if we all try to be someone else then were denying that blessing. Of course this is coming frm someone who has spent his whole life trying to be somene else, but at least I'm learning =)

I need to get around to reading Dante's Inferno...