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So, I got into Google+ as apparently it's the cool thing. Kind of sucks that it's another thing to update but I LOVE it's Picasa integration. I've never used the upload feature because they would just sit there. Now..they have purpose. Like sharing bulk dumps of my previous Korean life =)

And it seems like, at least among my friends, there isn't all this stuff that's barraging you.

On other things I'm taking steroids! Prednisone. In the hospital it made me suicidal. They're giving me a lot less and so far so good. I can actually eat! But now I think I have mucositis acting up again for God knows what reason so it HURTS when I eat... =/ an acceptable trade.

Have recently had an abnormal number of people suddenly start responding positively to my Pissing Graffiti work. This on the cusp of a musical depression at how little people seemed to care.

Been thinking about PG a lot too. It is kind of negative material, or at least my negative emotions. My thinking was that I would be able to use it to help people. Not just relate, that's kind of good; but to do a not corny hope aspect. I don't know if I've got the talent for it but I'll try. In the mean time... what do you guys think? I love it, always will. It's the other 50% of my emotions nobody ever gets to hear.

Also! I have decided to just replace my laptop hard drive since I couldn't bounce my generative piece properly so that comes in Monday. Once I have two good hour long bounces I should be ready to go. It's just getting the Mac/Windows app packed with the album that's gonna be hard. I was just let known a problem with one of my synths! So...Pray for a month for it's release? teaser album shot =) see my buddy?

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this happens all the time...when I ate pizza

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