So I got a message on my Tumblr from someone who was raising awareness about teen suicide. In which I was immediately remind of a senior my freshman year at Stetson who hung himself in his dorm room. I remember how blown away everyone was because he was a Music major; I believe he was a harpsichordist and pianist? I remember seeing him around but didn't know the guy. Then a couple years later someone shot themselves outside of the music school.

I hadn't thought about these two things since they happened. And then I got this tumblr message asking me to promote suicide awareness to help struggling teens seek help before they seek the end, yea? It's kind of crazy that the age group for most suicides is 18-25 but I guess it makes sense because... well I just saw this movie and there was a great line in it.

"I guess I was just too young to know you can get over anything."
The movie was Paper Man with Jason (Ryan?) Reynolds, Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone. It was a strange movie...I guess it was good, but that line WAS the movie.

Anyway, I think that that's true for younger kids, and per my post on our current "safety society", I think that we DON'T really understand that we can get over anything. We don't give ourselves enough credit. I was just talking with a friend about how, in the Christian faith, you can very easily lose yourself and your confidence because you are sort of always aware of your shortcomings. I know a lot of people pretty much hate the Catholic church because of memories of Sisters or Preachers condemning them to hell and an eternity of suffering!! But, when the hershey hits the fan we sort of do that to ourselves anyway (which is why we don't really need the reminder IMHO...)

Anyway I'm derailing- I bring that up because just this morning I was reading 2Corinthians and Paul is talking specifically about this problem. Our innate sense of guilt. Here (chapter 4?) he was talking about a guy that was told to leave the church because he was unrepentant of some big sin (I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments!) and post expulsion had really turned his life around. Paul was telling them to let him back into fellowship, forgive, live in the Spirit and in harmony because you can drive a man insane with guilt.

But guilt isn't there to make us feel bad. It's there so that we can experience the Joy that God wants us to. It's the yin/yang, +/- of life. It all goes back to why we suffer at all. Without the knowledge of our inadequacies, how can we truly appreciate what was done for us at Calvary. Even if you're not a Christian and you make your own moral compass, you can appreciate what was done. Imagine what Christians feel when we think of the Almighty God, creator of the universe, doing that because he loves you and he just wants to talk =)

"I guess I was just too young to know you can get over anything."


Reggie Taylor said...

very interesting.
i'm stressed to the max looking for a new roommate. it seems like i've been worshipping my problems instead of worshipping my God....

Jhaysonn said...

I've only known very few people in my life (note: I'm not including myself in this!!) who seem to always be in a worshipful state. I mean consciously seem to always be thanking, praising, worshiping God. It really is infectious and something amazing.

I try, but it seems that, no matter what, I fail. I get sucked into video games, or the idea of being productive. The list is endless and I so easily get distracted.

Let's work on it together! =)