too distracted for coherency.

So. I'm still reading that book. Not for the second time either. It's still a fresh experience. And I've come upon a good many things that have made me stop reading and try to apply, with varying degrees of success, what is written to what I experience(d) both short and long term. This, made me smile:

"Indeed, what is called "the pleasure principal" is, rather, a fun-spoiler."

If you're reading this, instead divert your eyes above and read the italics again.

Yes, again.

I don't want to write a huge thing, I want to watch my Halloween scream flick @4 in the afternoon. But I think this is important. Very important (and I wish I had a voice that reached, beyond 0's and 1's, more than 19oddveryclosefriendsthatalreadyprobablyagree.)

1 - Oscar Wilde and Solomon. What did they do? EVERYTHING. They wanted to experience all the good things that life had to offer. What did they gain? Misery and Wisdom.
2 - Wisdom is BAD!! wait, no it's not! Wait, apparently it is!
2.1 - people dont care about wisdom, and girls just wanna have fun.
2.1.1 - Justin Bieber accounts for 3% of ALL twitter traffic.
2.1.2 - Ashton Kutcher+bin Laden's pornography crashed twitter.
3 - How did we get here? (U.S.A.)
3.1 - America was founded a Christian nation. A nation of FREEDOM
3.2 - Less than a year after it's adoption, the Constitution began getting pillaged.
3.3 - (Personal Desires) + (American Freedom) - (Responsibility) = american hedonism.
3.3.1 - Frankl again =):

"To the European, it is a Characteristic of the American Culture, that again and again, one is commanded and ordered "to be happy."

3.4 - You turn on the TV and learn that your local senator enjoys putting his penis online.
3.4.1 - does it really matter when so does the rest of the country (people spent 3 billion dollars more on pornography than music in 2010.) Where does the REAL problem lie?
4 - What am I talking about? I don't know anymore. But I think I've made myself pret-tee clear. But I'm going to put that quote down, one.more.time.

"Indeed, what is called "the pleasure principal" is, rather, a fun-spoiler."

Now back to my Halloween flick. ;)


Metal Squeak said...

2.1.1 & 2.1.2 make me want to smack my head into a brick wall..LOL!

Okay...back to reading...

Jhaysonn said...

lol, I just re-read that and it's even hard for ME to understand what the heck I was talking about. ^o^