just had a thought

I was watching Dracula 2000 (Gerard Butler? surprise!) and this occurred to me: If Dracula has all these gifts, and his immortality is the 'brunt of God's wrath." then does that mean death is actually a gift from God?

An interesting idea that I don't know if it was intentional or not in the film. Hmmmmm


Mccflute said...

Ok I've done a lot of thinking about the whole vampire eternal life thing so I'm going to comment on this. I imagine what humanity you had left is somewhat tortured because you have to watch everyone you once knew die. Like how time travels quickly, if you're alive that long it must all blur together. You watch all your friends die, and it turns into a lonely existence just surrounded by your food source.

Dying is somewhat merciful when you're supposed to. If you're a sentient living dead changed from your former existence where food tastes like ash, you can't digest it anymore, everything good about life is gone and you're forced to live on.

So yeah some of my thoughts on the matter :-)

Jhaysonn said...

I used to try to understand your POV because I think that's what is usually stressed. I think a lot of the vampiric lifestyle as well and throughout the different mediums, the novel by Bram Stroker is IMO the best. But here's where I get squirmy. The pleasure thing.

Now obviously in the US sex sells and we haven't produced a film like the FInnish "Let the RIght One in" since...well the Dracula film by Coppola, but I think that there has always been an element of pleasure in the vampiric life. And I think without it there would be no temptation. It's the good vs. evil that we question. Daybreakers did an excellent job with this idea. I mean, every vampire medium you digest, you always wonder what it would be like.

anyway - I think they do get pleasure, and since each movie tells it's own tale, using D2k's mythology there's definitely pleasure as a vampire which I think is one of the things that tilted me towards my original query of death being a gift. It also ties into a lot of the Meaning/Purpose stuff that Frankl talks about.

IMO =)

ps - I'm curious for your top vampire films because I like your idea of a vampire without the simple pleasures (done quite well in Interview...).