I moved up to Columbus, Georgia to spend some time with my brother (re: getoutofthehouseasfastaspossible). I've actually been up here for a month(ish) so far so excuse me for not writing (I say that to make me feel like people actually read this).

Anyway, I've been really productive lately. I'm working on a chanty-type tune with Henry and my brother and I'm super addicted to listening to it - which never happens. I hope that's a good sign. I've got like 5 PG tracks now, and a Snoop Dogg remix that I still have to figure out what to do.

I'm also working on some other things that are REALLY exciting and I can't wait to further develop them and show you what they are =)

So not really a post about anything, but to say I'm still alive - which is pretty awesome =) I will have some new music, at LEAST, to show you soon. I just really don't' want to put up ANOTHER instrumental track, ya know?


Anna said...

I remember meeting you in Georgia. How is it that I knew you for 5 days or less and I think of you as often as I do? Keep writing, because I can't get enough of your perspective, friend.

Jhaysonn said...

ANNA!!!!! man I too think about you a lot. I thank God that I met you when i did because I had so much fun hanging out with you it sort of prepared me for all the garbage that's come after ^o^

We'll get together again one day. laugh atrociously at everything in the world, and have good times =) You're still in NC?