"Especially now-a-days, ya know?"

So, I just got called out for crossing through a neighbors yard to get to a park that has newly been formed out of the woods of my youthful stomping ground. Understandable. I took a path through two people's homes that I used all the time when I was living here during high school and never had any qualms, I assume, because I was young or because we were on bikes...but we were also carrying shovels and napalm.

Anyway, one of the first times I took to getting to these woods I ran into one of the home owners and they were really friendly offering no qualms for using the path that was well worn to get to the new park. Even gave us some witness fliers which my brother promptly crumpled and gave to me =P

In any event, on my way out this same guy ( or maybe his son? i was in the middle of chemo so it's blurry) passively called me out and basically tried to get across that I could be someone up to no good. He used the words, "Especially now-a-days,, ya know?" and they stuck with me. Partially because I've been reading Northlanders and the imagery instantly came to mind.

It's interesting how we are living in such fear these days, when a few centuries ago we REALLY had to live in fear. And now I come to my point (apologies). Maybe that's a key thing that is wrong in America. We don't REALLY have any fear. We create things to be afraid of, but really.... how many of you have had to stare down the barrel of a gun? Scratch that. How many of you have had to practice the use of a sword so that you could protect your family from vagrants that would happen upon your quiet homestead while traveling to some nearby city. Would have to prepare yourself for the inevitable war that would come to conquer, or defend, lands vital to feed your family.

It's a different time, we DON'T have those fears and most people have never experienced their fight or flight system in action. Death and punishment are distant and not that big of a deal.

I don't know. Maybe I'm babbling. Someone comment to this.

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Anna said...

i absolutely LOVE what you said -"we create things to be afriad of..." so good, jhaysonn. you don't read historical accounts of people in ancient times getting involved in extreme sports (the fact that dirt bikes and snowboards weren't invented yet may have had something to do with that...lol) because they dealt with adrenaline rush every time they heard something in the woods outside the camp. Once you've actually had to forage for food to survive, you probably don't look around for something dangerous to do in your free time, ya know?
Anyway, you said everything way better than I could've: pretty sure I'll be your biggest fan from now on