So... I bought Starcraft a little bit ago to try and 'relearn' what I used to be pretty bad at long ago. See I used to play casually with my friend and never got super duper into the game. He would play Terran (the human race) and I would just hole myself in with the Protoss (the 'elitist' alien race). Worked fine - we used to be able to take on 6 computers with just the two of us.

Something has changed. I am not playing with my friend, so there is that variable, but I still suck soooo horribly. I thought I would be able to relearn and at least compete with some of the more revered SoKo players (that's what I'm calling South Korea now :smirk:) Wrong - I can't even beat the computer 1v1. I played with my friend Matt and we couldn't beat the computer 2v1!!!!

Now, as you can imagine I have gone on to look at strategies but it seems that all strategy has been thrown out the window to make way for faster and faster build orders (or BO as they are called when you're on the in :another smirk:). This may work great for the super fast reflexes of our Asian brothers of whom people like Bruce Lee were created... but for me... I guess that leaves me with Sins of a Solar Empire where it took 5 hours to begin to interact with one of the other 4 people I was playing with....

Maybe I need to stop thinking about strategy because I'm just bad at it. Any good recommendations for bettering myself? please, don't hesitate to let me know. I suck at board games too. Axis and Allies psh, never won a game :P

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