Jumping ship

AHHHH!!!!!! I have left the AweFULL Whale. It will be missed and has been the witness to a change in my life. It's good though. All is good though. I am curious how long I am going to be there. Or anywhere. I really don't know if I'm going to come back. It's weird to me because I love my friends - I feel like the friends in my life are not people that I would ever want to trade away for anything - but here I am going to South Korea.

I like the idea that was presented to me by a nice monk on the TV (mmm I love nice monks). I was in a hard spot in life (another touche to the Buddhists [let me make a short aside here - HTMT now stands for 'hint to my thoughts'] HTMT: pain is the result of our desire) and was watching this monk talk about the structural integrity of buildings.. Wierd right? It was of course the History channel and they were talking about this indoor 2nd floor bridgeway that had collapsed in a sky-rise building. Huge mess, it was a glass walkway and lots of people didn't get to go home that day (which might explain the monk on the show :shrugg:). So here is this monk the camera snaps to out of nowhere to 'straight represent in this mutha' his ideas about living life with two hands open; one hand to receive and the other to give away. He was saying that everything in our lives must be this way for us to be at peace and I have to say I really really agree with that. The thought process is mirrored in the bible like, "A man's heart deviseth his way but the LORD directeth his steps" (proverbs).

goal - hold me accountable - live this way.


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Jhaysonn said...

just have to comment on my own post. read this


and then go down to the ding ladies response. Definitely not living that way... but can you blame her? It seems that everything always seems to have two sides to it. If you don't think so, then YOU go up and tell that lady to get over it =,(