The preparation!

So, I know... it's been about 8 months. =) Not like anybody actually reads this though :)

Anywho, I am currently waiting for my background check to come back from the FDLE in Tallahassee so that I can then mail it BACK to Tallahassee to get it certified which then I get to pay about 100 dollars to mail it to Korea!

THEN I'M GOING TO KOREA! I really can't describe accurately how excited I am about this opportunity. I should tell you where I will be.

The school that I'm going to work for is the Jeil English School in Daejeon. I am going to teach English to Elementary through High School students. The director of the school, Mr. Andrew Koo seems to be pretty awesome. I know I won't be short of opportunities to play guitar either as Mr. Koo was really happy to learn that I played guitar and purposed a mind swap; I teach him guitar and he teaches me Korean. I can't really complain with that kind of proposition.

Anywho here is a site about Daejeon - http://tour.daejeon.go.kr/english/goodsights/theeightsights/theeightsights.jsp

and here's something I'm definitely going to be interested in - http://www.fcdaejeon.com/main.html

must find Martial Arts school/Gymnastics and soccer in Daejeon =)

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