So I was studying Oriental Medicine at Dragon Rises and I really loved it. I feel like I will go back to it one day, but not right now. I once read a book that my dad gave me by Wane Dyer called 10 Secrets something or other and one of the things that it talked of that spoke to me was how you have this little guy that sits on your shoulder telling you when you 'aren't doing what you were born to do.' Well I guess that little guy proceeded to not scream that in my ear but make me sick.

So I am moving back to DeLand, home of Stetson were I got my two undergrad degrees, and I'm going to work with my good friend Stephen Garza and Henry Toland to start making some serous music. Not to mention my best friend Lauren Nieuwland and I are going to work on album that should shake souls :)

Good things ahead, I can't wait to be able to actually post up information about finished songs :P

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