A Think about Actions.

So I've always struggled with the idea of Grace (Oh no another Theology post!?!?! Deal with it). I'm not quite sure where to start this.  I began just wanting to bring attention to Act2 27:10 and 11.  Paul is on his way to Rome after his appeal to Ceasar to be treated fairly because some ruffians wanted to kill Paul.  I feel like there's a "Better call Saul!" joke somewhere in there...

Anyway, my think was originally about how Paul advises the captain to not set sail, but is ignored.  Then later on God comes to Paul and tells him not to be afraid (which mean...Paul was afraid; it's nice to know the heavyweights still got skeerd) and that him and the rest of the ship are going to have to get shipwrecked on an island; but it'll be cool.

So...really a bad choice (the captains to set sail) had to be made.  A bad choice had to happen.  A choice in which the good option was ignored has to happen.  A man must make a choice, and that choice must be terrible.  Given two choices, a human being is going to have to pick "a" or "b" and the most uncomfortable must be chosen. Get it? I don't.

Ok, so it probably didn't HAVE to happen, but it did and God had a plan.  Maybe the painful choice *WAS* God's plan (ahem...enter Judas...).  It didn't have to happen; the captain could've listened to Paul.  We could've just lived righteously the way God told us to.  The Jews didn't have to build that calf beneath Mt. Sinai and could've just waited patiently.

But they didn't then and we don't now.

Yay for Grace ^_^

Hm.  I'm tired now and can't really remember the other thinks that tied into this...leave a comment and maybe that'll jog my memory.

OH! This is pretty cool too, found some Sherlock Holmes radio-plays on archive.org.  CHECK IT OUT!

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