I don't understand

3 - If we can make a movie of Saturn, how is we just decided to see what's under our Earth's crust?

4 - How can the FDA tell me what my DRV is for vitamins/minerals, but now know if an egg is good for me?

5 - Are people REALLY still confused by the hotdogs/bun issue?

6 - Why did this list start at 3?

7 - If have we been fighting a "war on cancer" for the last 30 years, why is it going to top the list of worldwide killers?

8 - When we realized we had a problem with cardiovascular mortality...why did *IT* climb to top of the list of worldwide killers?

9 - Why is so much money spent on war when we dont have proper funding to warn us of impending natural disasters.

11 - Why is pepperoni and bacon sooo good?

12 - If scientists keep telling us that we're running out of oil to meet demand, greenland is melting, the world's economy is a joke, why are people buying platinum Mercedes-Benz?

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