So. Life. It's still inside me wrapped up in a warm layer of squishy substances. The blood part of those squishy substances consists entirely of my brothers blood. None of my own! Creepy 0.o If I commit a felony, and leave behind some blood, they'll go after him first!

Anyway, I've been out of the hospital for about a month now? Every day is better. Betterer. It improves upon itself. I weight about 122 pounds now....which is shocking, but it's kind of my new normal. Lots and tons of other boring stuff, which I know nobody is interested in.

I've released an instrumental EP for Pissing Graffiti. I've called it SAXAPHONE Why? Well, it just about felt the most ridiculous thing I could think of at the time. Yes that's a link to Trent Reznor, pre PHM, featuring a saxaphone...

I also have a facebook page.

Anyway, enough of the shameless self promotion. I also started drawing again. And it's terrible. But that's about what I'd expect. My hands/feet are still numb+tingly but getting better, as all things.

I'm really anxious to dominate Andy and Dan Will at Axis and Allies with MY ally, Matt Roberson. We always lose. Always. I played Matt once, and then it was just me that lost. So of us I'm the only one that hasn't won a single game.

I really feel like playing Magic: The Gathering.


Metal Squeak said...

Completely random, yet informative..lol Glad to hear you're still doin' okay, and I'm sure everyone else will agree that we're most definitely interested in all the boring details. =)


That Random Person You Don't Know, But Keeps Posting On Your Stuff XD

Jhaysonn said...

Hahaha, trust me the boring stuff is all about me complaining about drugs, diarrhea, hospitals and my sanity.

Thanks for posting though!! Random or not it makes me feel goooood =)

And I hope your happy. Crytek, one of my favorite dev companies has sold out to the console. =(. You play crysis 2? They had to add a patch to eliminate auto aiming from the pc version..... As if the no-recoil-cod-gunplay wasn't easy enough to pew pew with =p. Sorry - [/consolerage]

Metal Squeak said...

Hey! I'm back! Had to go 8 months with absolutely no internet and almost went nuts from boredom! :P Been busy with the kiddos and stuff, too, but that dang internet...lol

Nope I haven't played Crysis. Heard about it from a buddy, but never tried it. We're strictly Xbox here. :) I'm not much for PC gaming..can't coordinate myself enough to do it. The two joysticks was hard enough! I swear my first few months playing Halo 2 was comical. :P

I've got my own little blog I use as an online "No one in my family can just open it and read it" journal where I complain about my own sanity. Most of it is severe social anxiety based...which makes it even more weird that I have absolutely no problem talking to a stranger on the internet!

Okay, time to stop rambling now..haha. Gonna catch up on your newest posts tomorrow. Later!! :)

Jhaysonn said...

i won't lie - it's tough for me to go like 1 DAY without internet. I can do it...but it's not easy. 8 months? Jeez

And my experience of playing Halo 2 was much the same ^o^ I was at a friends house playing with her brother and it was just terrible. We were both laughing at me trying to MOVE more than playing the game.

Thanks for stopping in again! I really do need to update this thing so maybe it's bout time =)