Notes from the Past and News of the Present

I looked at the Notes app on my iPod Touch and was pretty stoked to see all these old notes that I had written to myself. A bunch of stuff from Korea like plans and things to get or stuff I was supposed to do. In the latter category, I kid you not, this is what I found:

"Write about guns and mike. Then about the bubble like factory and James bond making you realize you are a collection of experiences. Write about spring water and why I sometimes get the urge to punch little kids in the face."

Now, you have to understand (it doesn't help, but still try to understand) that when I'm writing these notes to myself, I am trying to write down just the key phrases that will trigger my memory upon referencing the note in the future. It's an iPod Touch, and not THAT easy to write with.

But what in God's green Earth was I thinking? James Bond makes me realize I am a collection of experiences? I didn't even watch any James Bond anything my entire time in Korea?! That note was written 446 days ago and apparently on that day I was insane. Apparently on that same day, I had to make a note to get that "American Boy" song. Maybe that's why my cancer came back.

Indeed. The miracle that I was looking for was not in God's plans. But God is Sovereign. And He knows better than I do what I really need. So I'm praying he gets me through this. I'm really glad I read The Problem of Pain during my last treatment, because in it C. S. Lewis clarifies a lot of the struggles that humanity goes through and as Christians how it all makes sense. And it does =)

I've also been listening to a lot of Ravi Zacharias lately, and lemme tell you this guy is amazing. He's got two Podcasts available, check them out.

In closing, at least I wasn't entirely insane in Korea. I wrote these lyrics for a rap I thought I would do. A rap.... 0.o

I love you like the words of a song you sing to Jesus
My diction never show it but Im trying to bring us
Together forever is the way that I've always seen us

You remember the time we were walkin and found that white shoe
Thumb sized I would hang it for years on my rearview
I remembered you said it was you that would live through
The pain that old age would undoubtedly bring true

Ok - so not in closing. That reminds me. I've been super nostalgic lately, so if you read this and have gotten one of my texts or e-mails recalling a memory, I apologize. But only half heartedly. I really enjoy a lot of the memories I have and it's my friends and family that are the reason I have them. So thanks =)

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