Update for today!

Here's a copy and past from an update I sent out to the Facebook group.

-Holy cow! I just want to start by thanking you guys for everything. I've gotten a really warm response from everyone wishing me luck and taking the time to forward this message to people they know and posting it around the web. You guys make me all warm and fuzzy inside =)

Because of all this, I have two good bits of news too! The first is that I've raised enough to go down to south Florida to meet with the doctor and iron out some more details about what we're going to do. I'm really hoping to raise enough by then to cover the first week of treatment. It sounds like it might be $,2000-$3,000 each week, but again I'll be able to put a more accurate number up there after we meet.

Second bit of good news is that I talked with someone from the Times Union this afternoon about possibly having an article about my situation written. That would be great because I got to vent a lot of my frustration about the health care system here in the US. Plus they might get some more people that are willing to donate to the cause. Hooray! =)

So far I've raised around $800, most of which have come from small donations. My dad realized that if everyone in this group convinced 5 people they know to give $5 or $10 I would be able to cover the cost of treatment for the first 2 or 3 weeks, which would let me see if I'm reacting as planned or if I need to pursue another avenue of treatment. Another friend had the idea for me to look into personal 'unexpected circumstance' loans and I didn't know they existed so I'm going to be looking into those as well from both private or public avenues. Keep the ideas coming! I'm all ears =)

I want to thank all of you again for helping out, not just monetarily but with your kind words and your help in spreading the word. I really am in debt to everyone =)

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