SOOOooooo it's been a bit

I've been productive though! I have been working on mixing and preparing for that session with Dave. I would like to have more lyric ideas done - but turns out Henry is going to have a whole week free so who knows. I have 4 songs that are ready to have vocals laid over them with only 2 that have parts ready. This is the moniker that me and Henry are probably going to use

Pissing Graffiti

I have also had a great discovery of myself. I want to do a lot more music like this!

I'm going to try and get as many WWII radio broadcasts as I can and release an album of material that... I really hope just connects with people. Even if it's not what I set out to have them feel, I just want them to feel happy, and think a little.... that'd be nice =) Maybe it's the juxtaposition of Pissing Graffiti that pushed me to the polar opposite =)

Anywho - Im still alive and kicking, and should have a big juicy update coming up with some nice PG tracks finished!

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Anonymous said...

Nice music. This is Frank Patrick. I used anonymous because I'm currently annoyed by technology, and you'll see why by reading this. I just subscribed to your RSS feed, and I chose the 'Email' options to be alerted of new entries, I do check Email often. so I'll read it whenever I can.

This is probably off-point for a blog, but I have a question about something that should be easy that's hanging me up. Feel free to delete copy and save the text and delete this post if it's 'getting in the way'. I would really appreciate it if you read this and replied with any ideas, and I am a person who returns favors and tries to be helpful whenever I can in any case.

It's just an annoying problem, really. You might not remember the cassette, but you ARE a musician who knows computer and audio technology, so you might have some creative solution I don't know of.

I only want to convert some music I wrote or played on (which is now on a bunch of old cassettes I have) into digital format and store it on this computer. This would only take me one day at most. I have a cheap device and software that will do this, but it requires a cassette player with a line level out signal. Those usually use RCA plugs, but I have lots of adapters. I got through one song and the cassette players all started breaking. It's kind of amusing in one way. The cassette players like this I had and all the ones I was able to find or acquire for free all broke or were already broken. And people I ask often tell me the ones they had just broke, as well. It's like the passing of the WWII generation - all of the old ones seem to be dying off and there's not many left.

If I have to I'll buy a new cassette player, but it seems so unnecessary. I think I found one for 50$, but it may be more, I'll have to check again. After one day, I don't really need or want a cassette player, and selling it wouldn't be worth the trouble, so I'd just give it away, I guess. I'm trying to determine is there is a cheaper solution so I don't waste money, is what it come down to.

Getting them repaired is most likely not worth the cost.

I am flexible, and if you know of another way solution to what I want to do, please tell me.

The rental places I've found charge exorbitant , and I can't find a used one. There are a lot of services that do this, but they charge too much, and I can do it myself. I'm flexible - if there's a cassette player with a USB output and software for a low price I could do that.

The portable walkman and boombox types of cassette players only have a headphone output, which is a powered signal. I have one of each with a mini plug output.

I don't think there's technology that takes a signal with power for a headphone and converts it to a format that can be digitized. I could be wrong, so if you know of a way to convert a headphone level signal, that might work.

It's obviously the cassette part that's hanging me up.

Or perhaps you know where I might rent one for a reasonable price or find a used or new one that would work. I can't waste a lot of time now, and I'm about out of ideas and patience. Thanks for reading this, and you reply via email me or use my Facebook page. Technology is annoying at times, don't you think?

Thanks again.