LBBoS excerpts

So I have this other journal. It's not my Korea journal, but I call it my, 'Little Black Book of Sorrow." Why? Because for some reason I always end up writing sad things in it. It's just the way it is I guess. It's a black moleskin...

Anyway, here are some excerpts that I've written in it while in Korea.

-Today I humiliated a 10 year boy and made him cry. That was 5 hours after I cleaned my butt with my undershirt because there wasn't any toilet paper. I'm not lying about either.

- Why is it that I go to bed so late every night trying to put my finger on what exactly it is in my life that I've yet to even begin to fulfill, yet I wake everyday so tired as though I had no purpose in life?

- Without hypocrisy, I would know who I am

- Why does Daejeon so often feel like the frames of a comic book? It's like if I just get the right angle on it I could see all the support beams and rope holding up the facade. Do confident people feel it? Do confident people think?

- It sounded like the slow unraveling of my mind. Like a pendulum whose extremes brought the sound of glass cracking. It woke me from my sleep. Grated on my aroused stupor. Instilled a strong curiosity before the final departure of tension when the guitar string snapped.

- Today I took a walk in a snow globe. Tiny white feathers like crystals turned to tears of ice as I realized nobody cared.

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