Well I am working on redoing Catharsis ( or Weekend in Gainesvile.... I don't know what I'm calling it now :P)

Anywho - I added Lauren Nieuwland into the mix - her voice makes me want to re-record mine over and over and over and over and over and over until it sounds halfway decent and start the process all over again. One of these days I'll learn how to keep a pitch.

In the meantime, just look for that to be finished soon and I'll get rid of the one that's up now. I have a bunch of tracks that are getting worked on now when I find time/motivation to work with my iBook. It holds up surprisingly well in terms of running Logic Studio.. but not well enough for it to be quite enjoyable - I have to freeze almost every track, especially the new AudioInstruments that come with Logic Studio...

Anywho - [sorry for the rant - i do so because a whole 10 people might see this thing] just keep checkin my sites for updates as I will put them up as I finish them :)

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